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Sellers - If you want your sale location posted on the official sale map, contact the sale coordinator at

The fun of the Kicks on 66 Sale is that it can include the sale of anything legal.  Each seller is in charge of his/her own sale site.  In many ways, the Kicks on 66 Sale could best be described as a regular yard sale, but everyone is having them on the same day.  The following additional information may be helpful-

1.  Safety and the Law -  All sellers must abide by local laws regarding such sales.  All sellers should also consider safety, being particularly careful about providing off- road parking for buyers.  No one is allowed to sell, nor park on state right-of-way.
2.  Individuals Living Along Route 66 -  Persons selling in their own yards 
do not need permission to participate in this event but are required to check with your local County/City for any specific license requirements.  As a courtesy, however, it would be nice to contact the County/City Coordinator so that she/he has some sort of idea of where sales will be located.

3.  Businesses -  As with individuals, businesses do not need permission to participate in this event, but are encouraged to help promote the Kicks on 66 Sale & The Red Carpet Corridor Event by referring to it by name in any related advertisements.  They are also encouraged to inform the County/City Coordinator of their efforts so that she/he will have that information.  Local antique shops are particularly encouraged to coordinate with one another and to help to promote this event.
4.  Sellers from Out of Town Needing Space -  You are first encouraged to check the Contact list to find participating areas within your region.    You should then contact the appropriate County/City Coordinator to ask for a list of individuals/clubs/ businesses offering space for rent.  You may then directly contact those offering space.
5.  Sellers Living Near Route 66 -  Sellers who live  off Route 66, from a block to a  mile, are encouraged to post signs with distance off the Route to indicate to the buyer how far they will have to travel to your location.  While persons are welcome to do this, experience shows that  many buyers, particularly out-of-town buyers, focus on staying on the route and do not go to these side sales.  We welcome all sellers - the more sellers to more buyers who will come.  This stated, we also believe most sellers will benefit by finding space on Route 66.

Contact list for information by County/City

The Kicks on 66 Sale is a perfect opportunity for schools, churches and civic organizations to make money. 

1.  Recycling -  Many communities have spring recycling days.  The most environmentally friendly type of recycling is for the item to be put to a new use by someone else.   If your community has a recycling day, why not schedule it the week after the sale?  Rather than taking a working stove to the landfill, try selling it first.
2.  Business Promotions - Route 66 remains the Main Street of many communities in America. Extend your business hours for the weekend so visitors can stop in to see what you have.
3.  The Sale as Fund Raiser -  It is likely that there will be out-of-town sellers looking for places to set-up.  A school, church, or civic organization can locate a large parking lot or field and set-up space for vendors.  This space could be rented out for the weekend. 
4. Sowing Seeds -  The Kicks on 66 Sale attracts visitors along a route they might otherwise not travel.  Having once visited, it is likely that many will want to return at other times of the year.  This is a great opportunity for communities and businesses to have promotional materials available for distribution.

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